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Our Project

11 Weeks Isn't Enough

Child hunger does not take a summer vacation and thus peaks as our community's children lose access to the stability provided through the school breakfasts, lunches, and afterschool snacks they receive during the regular school year.  

While USDA program subsidizes the 11 week program, the Board of Directors has a greater vision.  This vision includes capitalizing on the Czech culture and history of the community, and expanding the facility into a cultural, educational and enrichment center year round.  

The Challenge

The Solution

USDA currently provides subsidized funding for the operation of the 11 week program through the summer months.  In order to sustain the operational costs of the building, additional programming, and renovations, additional revenue streams must be secured to fund the Board's vision throughout the year.

Passive income streams can be met through the renovation of the second floor into an Air BNB or long-term rental, thereby providing rental income which will fund the operational costs of the building during the unsubsidized off-season, creating a long-term strategy for the future. 

The Cultural Center will include enrichment activities such as cooking Czech cooking classes and demonstrations, augmenting revenue streams and providing additional family and community services relevant to the community.

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Adler Grey Media-37.jpg

The 2nd Floor will be renovated into housing, creating a passive income stream to fund operational costs year round and serve the community in the demand for housing.

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