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Serving Food

Our Need

Feeding the Children needs volunteer manpower to efficiently cook, pack, serve, and distribute the volume of meals that continues to grow every summer.  

2024 Goals:

  • To consolidate the storage locations to an on-site warehouse for improved efficiency 

  • To source grants for remodeling the living space to sustain the year-long operations of the center


Volunteers are needed for:

  • Meal preparation

  • Packing

  • Distribution

  • Driving

  • Architect & remodeling experts

  • General contractors

  • Grant writers

Donate or Partner

We are thankful for the current partnerships and philanthropic support of organizations such as Dane G. Hansen Foundation, Smoky Hill Community Foundation, Mabee Foundation, USDA, and many more.  We are seeking additional grant funding sources and community donations to continue our efforts.

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